We continue to explore and expand on what we can do better tomorrow rather than focus on what we were doing yesterday. The future is not about being good... It’s about considering possibilities.

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At Tridata our core focuses are on client collaboration.

Tridata is a veteran owned business with operating locations in Kennesaw GA and Marietta GA. Our market focus is in Banking technologies, ATM as a Service, Retail Delivery Systems, and Project Management.


Technology, Transparency, and Trust are our 3 keys to success.

Our team of industry leading professionals leverage relationships and technical knowledge that spans decades. Our primary goal is to ensure streamlined, forward thinking, cost effective lifecycle solutions for our partners and ensure them that like an intricate shape we have all the corners, edges and perspectives completely figured out.

Yes, there are better ways.


We use a Tridata method and approach it within a multi-level work space.

Today's technology allows for elegant solutions that include real time access to the metrics you require. Track your orders and project data using our innovative vendor applications. Our team provides customer centric experiences and unparalleled quality standards to clients globally in support of hardware/software and other self service products with a single source vendor relationship.


When our values are clear, making solid decisions about our future becomes much easier.



Where are you?

Kennesaw GA and Marietta GA.

Why have others not adapted to this industry change?

We feel our industry has not quite adjusted to the new standards of customer expectations. Cost visibility, standardization, and on time delivery has not been as homogeneous as others. We plan to acclimate and innovate.

What sort of people work for your company?

Our team is comprised of engineers, artists, musicians, athletes, and entrepreneurs. The most common characteristic of our members is a positive and helpful attitude.

I want to talk about our options, can we call you today?

Of course, or we can call you. Send your best contact information and time slots available to and we will reach out.

What groups are you affiliated with?

We are a member of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, a national NCR Corporation partner, an ATMIA member, and a certified Veteran Owned business.

How can we become a supplier?

There is an onboarding process required for all vendors domestic and international. Please send your information to and our Sourcing team will be in contact within 24 hours.



Thank you for your message. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Also please feel free to email us at

Have a great day!

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As a National NCR Partner we turn everyday transactions into meaningful relationships.

Digital first but not digital only, NCR is positioned to help clients bridge their digital and physical operations - helping them connect with consumers anytime, anywhere and streamline their business so they can differentiate, compete and win in our evolving digital world.



The Green Business Bureau is the trusted authority in green business. Their EcoAssessment™ and EcoPlanner™ tools enable businesses like ours to understand, prioritize, implement and certify green initiatives and sustainable business practices.



Tridata is very honored to be recognized as veteran-owned and operated.

As a proud veteran-owned business, let's all take a moment to honor those ordinary people who have done something extraordinary so that we may all enjoy the freedom we treasure today.